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    Seasonal Program

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    Nonpofit Poor.

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    Children of Helps .

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A season of festivals is meant to be celebrated by all. The poor and the unfortunate have just as much the right and the need to celebrate as us. You can also contribute to make somebody’s Ramadan or Eid beautiful by being generous and kind.
At HRO Nepal, we make an effort to feed the needy during this Blessed Month as well as drive campaigns such as Food Package, Ramadan Tent, and Eid Gift programs.


Food Package:

We have estimated that a $100 donation for a food package can feed up to 3 families in over 30 countries. Accordingly, our goal is to feed 50,000 families this Ramadan. We thankfully already receive equitably allocated and transferred funds for various countries, which allow us to make proper arrangements ahead of time for food distributions.

We have also allocated more funds to countries afflicted with recent disasters, where we focus on supporting the orphans.

Ramadan Tent Program:

We have estimated that a donation of $150 can help provide Iftar for 75 refugees along with local needy people daily for 25 days. At our Annual Ramadan Tent Program, we serve Iftar and dinner and ensures a spiritual experience via the Food Packages.

Eid Gift Program:

The celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr is eagerly awaited by the children across the world. We make it even more special for the ones who are less privileged and have still fasted for long hours of the day by gifting them something special. You can also help us make the festival even more beautiful by donating fitra, fidya, zakat, or otherwise.

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