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    ODC Program

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    Nonpofit Poor.

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    Children of Helps .

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This project aims to extend helping hand to orphans and destitute children by awarding scholarship to attend better school and pursue their studies with undivided attention

This project will cover all the costs that are necessary for comprehensive children educational services. The services and facilities includes in this sponsorship are education and extra-curricular activities. More specifically, this project will give a child an opportunity to educate in a better school and develop their personality in proper way and serve their community and nation after completion of their education.

This project will include the provision of educational programs through provision of school fees, books, and stationary, among other essentials.

The objectives of ODC are as follows:

  • To develop good health habits and to build up basic skills necessary for personal adjustment, such as dressing themselves and eating.
  • To develop desirable social attitudes and manners to encourage healthy group participation.
  • To develop emotional maturity by guiding the child to express, understand, accept and control his feelings and emotions.
  • To encourage aesthetic appreciation in child.
  • To stimulate in the child, the beginning of intellectual curiosity concerning his/her immediate environment to help him understand the world in which he/she lives and to foster interest through opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment.
  • To encourage in the child independence and creativity by providing him with sufficient opportunities for self-expression.
  • To promote excellence through continuous improvement.

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