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    In Kind Donations

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    Nonpofit Poor.

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    Children of Helps .

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This program includes donation of goods and services rather than monetary donations to the needy. Goods are valued at fair market price, and the donor determines the value of goods.

The team at HRO Nepal ensure that a reasonable value is placed for every product. We recognized that a wheel chair allows a man the freedom to move; a pair of shoes and clothes gives a child protection from harsh weather; and toiletries protect poor people from germs. These shipments are now a part of our ongoing global humanitarian campaign to provide urgently needed aid to hospitals, clinics, schools, and civilians in war-torn or third-world countries.

Typically, at the onset of any relief effort, 15 of our regional in-kind gift centers spread across the country initiates the in-kind gift campaigns and drives for the specific needs of the affected population. After the relief phase is over, the in-kind team coordinates with the local team to generate wish lists after a proper need assessment of the area for the next rehabilitation and reconstruction phase.

The objectives of In-Kind Gifts Program are as follows:

  • To provide relief to disaster-affected people
  • To recycle useful gifted items for needy people
  • To prioritize basic needs of vulnerable people
  • To provide volunteer opportunities to youth in Nepal with the aim of fostering humanity

With the in-kind gifts program, we have managed to save and improve the lives of several hundreds of people since its initiation in the year 2008. From local private donations to large corporate shipments, HRO Nepal has successfully connected people’s resources with people’s needs around the world. In this program, we distributed relief items for natural/manmade disaster survivors, winter aids for the needy, food for the needy, food for work, medical supplies and equipment’s for nonprofit organizations and hospitals, as well as educational kits for needy students.

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